What is the difference between PVC pipe and PPR pipe?

Published on :2020-09-17
PPR pipes and PVC pipes have also been widely used in these industries. So since these pipes can be used, what is the difference between PVC pipe and PPR pipe?

what is plastic pipe fitting mould?

Published on :2020-08-15
One of the plastic pipe fitting moulds can be used for compression moulding, extrusion moulding, injection, blow moulding and low foaming moulding combined pipe fitting moulds.

How to reduce the production cost of irrigation pipe fitting molds?

Published on :2020-07-10
How to reduce the production cost of irrigation pipe fitting molds? Before the production of pipe fittings, carefully select reasonable irrigation pipe fitting molds, raw material proportioning schemes, etc.

How to use flared pipe fitting mold correctly?

Published on :2020-06-29
With the rapid development of the flared pipe fitting mold industry, the number of flared pipe fitting mold manufacturers is also growing rapidly.

How to distinguish the quality of the pipe fitting mold?

Published on :2020-05-22
Yusheng Mould is a pioneer in the manufacture of pipe fitting molds in China. Yusheng Mould manufactures pipe fitting molds of different materials, including PVC, PPR, PP, and other special materials.

Interchangeable pipe fitting mold

Published on :2020-05-15
Yusheng is a manufacturer of pipe fitting molds, which is good at manufacturing interchangeable pipe fitting molds. If you are looking for a pipe fitting mold company, please contact us.

Classification of pipe fittings

Published on :2020-05-08
There are many types of pipe materials for pipe fittings, including PVC, PE, PP, ABS, CPVC, PVDF, etc. PVC pipe fittings have good tensile and compressive strength

Pipe fitting mould factory

Published on :2020-05-01
Plastic pipe fitting mould is a mould used to produce plastic pipe fittings on an injection moulding machine. This mould is generally formed by processing and grinding special steel.

How to ensure the quality of pipe fitting mould?

Published on :2020-04-24
Pipe fitting mould is a key project of Yusheng mould. We have many years of experience in various pipe fitting moulds such as tees, crosses and couplings.

Pipe fitting mold expert

Published on :2020-04-17
Pipe fitting mold manufacturers can provide you with high-quality pipe fitting mold. The pipe fitting molds we produce for customers are: elbow, Tee, Socket, Reducer, Bridge Bend, etc.
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