How to choose PVC pipe fittings injection molding machine

Published on :2020-10-21

Yusheng is one of China PVC pipe fitting mould suppliers, and can provide complete production line solutions for various PVC pipe fitting products. Many customers are confused about how to choose PVC pipe fittings injection molding machine. Therefore, here we have listed some points for choosing the most suitable PVC pipe molding machine.

PVC pipe fittings injection molding machine

1. Some parts need to have corrosion resistance

PVC plastic is a corrosive material and will corrode ordinary machines. Therefore, the PVC pipe fitting manufacturing machine needs to adopt a special plasticizing screw design, and the barrel and nozzle also need to have strong corrosion resistance.

2. The machine must ensure safe production of PVC fittings

In order to keep the PVC pipe fittings in a suitable temperature range during mass production, a strict temperature control system should be installed on the PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine, and a fan should be installed on the injection screw barrel and the top of the hopper.

3. There is enough space for the mould

Because PVC pipe fitting molds usually have a lot of core pulling actions, under the same clamping force or injection volume, compared with ordinary molds, pipe fitting molds need more space for core pulling. For example, the Yusheng PVC injection molding machine has an extra 200mm safety door distance on each side. In addition, there are other custom parts, such as expanding the size of chrome-plated nozzles, cooling oil and cooling water applications, etc.

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