China manufacturer of pipe mould and fitting mould

Published on :2020-09-24

Yusheng is a large-scale pipe fitting mould manufacturer in China, which produces various large pipe mould, PE pipes, PVC pipe mould, PVC pipe fitting mould, PVC tee mould, etc.

Yusheng is a partner of many waterway engineering companies around the world, and provides them with a full set of PVC drainage pipe moulds and PP water supply pipe moulds every year. All casing moulds have reached European and American standards. Yusheng pays great attention to the steel selection of pipe moulds, the core pulling structure of the mould, the cooling device of the mould, and the tolerance of the product. For the selection of pipe mould steel, Yusheng usually recommends the use of steel with higher hardness and corrosion resistance. After polishing the product area, Yusheng will perform a surface treatment, which will effectively increase the surface of the mould. Smooth finish, and can more effectively guarantee the service life.

A good set of PVC pipe fitting mould needs better assembly size, a higher smooth surface, and the parting line of the product is free of dislocation and burrs. All these require high-precision processing equipment and experienced mould engineers to complete. Yusheng Mould has many years of experience in manufacturing plastic pipe fitting mould and mould engineers with 15 years of experience in pipe fitting moulds.

In every pipe fitting mould design, Yusheng will conduct strict 2-3 meeting analysis, and deliver the complete product and mould data to the customer. The company establishes a project department dedicated to tracking mould progress and mould processing. It will be controlled by experienced project engineers, and the key dimensions will be tested and proofread to pack the exact value of the product to achieve a perfect assembly. Yusheng will send each processed photo and inspection report to Yusheng's customers.