Crate mold

As a famous China plastic mold manufacturer, Yusheng have produced various Crate mold, Plastic Crate mold. Plastic crate molds are widely used for storage, assembly, and transportation. Save cost, improve efficiency, convenience, and convenient to clean. When designing and manufacturing plastic crate molds, we have been thinking about how to reduce customer costs by improving the design and make high-quality crate molds.

For the crate mold, we choose the appropriate mold base and core and cavity steel. Yusheng usually uses P20 and 718H steel, which has a hardness of about 30-35, and the core is inserted with beryllium copper alloy.

The movement area and guiding system of the plastic crate mold are processed by high-precision machining.

The plastic crate mold exhaust system in the handle area is a very important topic, because the handle area is the greatest force when moving the loaded crate. If the mold exhaust system in the handle area is not good, visible welds will be left, and the product is easily damaged.

If the plastic crates are single-use, some molding companies use recycled materials for injection. Then, we must consider how to avoid hard impurities in recycled materials from entering the mold cavity.

You need to achieve the best cooling design, and you can try to use a high-speed injection molding machine to increase productivity.

We consider which mold structure will shorten the cycle time. The use of mechanical system ejection on the crate mold can save labor costs.

Yusheng is a leading crate mold manufacturer in China, providing crate molds of various sizes and types. For example, bottle crate mold, fish crate mold, fruit crate mold, bread crate mold... We are the top crate mold manufacturer in the world.

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