PVC pipe fitting mold

Yusheng Mould, as China pipe fitting mold manufacturer, having many years experience. Yusheng Mould has designed a series of PVC pipe fitting mold, including PVC collapsible pipe fitting mold, UPVC drainage pipe fitting mold, UPVC high pressure pipe fitting mold, PVC silence pipe fitting mold, PVC electrical conduit mold, as well as high quality injection molds for irrigation, cable pipes and cold and hot water transportation.

Yusheng Mould own himself professional team in mold design and processing, even including large size and high precision pipe fitting mold, as well as CPVC, UPVC fitting mold. Yusheng has been providing services to global PVC pipe fitting manufacturers, exported around 550 sets PVC pipe fitting molds to America, India, Australia and Europe countries every year. in order to resist the corrosion of PVC materials, Yusheng Mould uses anticorrosive steel as the material of the mold, thereby extending the service life of the pipe fitting mold and ensuring the accuracy of the pipe fitting.

High quality pipe fitting mold: Stainless steel, HRC steel; Efficient cooling water runner; Collapsible fitting mold; Muti-cavity; Hydraulic pressure

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