PP pipe fitting mold

Published on :2020-02-28

Polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropylene, is a thermoplastic polymer with a wide range of uses. It has excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, and can usually be welded by welding, end welding, and different materials. Due to its properties, PP is usually made of PP pipes that have excellent impact resistance at all temperatures. Therefore, PP pipes are usually used to transport natural gas, wastewater, etc., and can be used as communication cable transmission pipes. PP pipe fittings produced by PP pipe fitting mold are an important part of the entire transportation system.

PP pipe fitting mold tool specifications

PP pipe fittings are 25mm to 160mm in diameter.

PP pipe fitting types: joint, TEE, reducer, elbow, cross, socket.

PP pipe fitting mold series:

  • PP collapsible pipe fitting mold;
  • PP drainage pipe fitting mold;
  • PPH collapsible pipe fitting mold;
  • PPH toilet seat cover mold;

Yusheng Mould specializes in pipe fitting mold and exports about 550 sets of molds each year. Therefore Yusheng has stocked some standard pipe fitting mold components to shorten delivery time. At the same time, we ensure that the quality of the mold is always high and consistent with your needs. We provide complete PP pipe fitting molding line with high working efficiency, stable performance, low power consumption and easy operation. Yusheng chooses the best quality mold steel and adopts European advanced mold design to ensure the best cooling effect.

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