Introduce to PPR pipe fitting mold

Published on :2020-04-10

There are many types of pipe fitting molds, generally divided into four types of different raw materials: PVC pipe fitting molds, PP pipe fitting molds, PPR pipe fitting molds and PE pipe fitting molds. Here we share some information about PPR pipe fitting mold.

PPR pipe fittings are specially used for the water supply system. With high-quality PPR accessories, you can build complete piping systems that are widely used in rainwater utilization systems, swimming pool facilities, compressed air plants, agriculture and gardening, and solar power plants. Due to the low price, good durability and easy installation, PPR accessories have recently become very popular.

PPR pipe fitting mold must solve shrink marks, reasonable cycle time, etc. Yusheng Mould has an independent project team that focuses on PPR pipe fitting mold development, processing, project management and quality control. Every year we produce up to 150 sets of PPR pipe fitting molds and deliver them to our customers and provide detailed precautions and instructions. Powerful design capabilities can be used for irregular shape pipe fitting molds, especially foldable core fitting molds, curved sliding systems, motor-driven loose mold release, multi-directional fitting connector molds.

PPR 90 degree elbow pipe fitting moldPPR elbow pipe fitting.jpg