How to ensure the quality of pipe fitting mould?

Published on :2020-04-24

Pipe fitting mould is a key project of Yusheng mould. We have many years of experience in various pipe fitting moulds such as tees, crosses and couplings. There are many types of pipe fittings on the market, the materials are PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PE, PPR and PP. Usually, PP pipe fittings are used for water, while PVC pipe fittings are used for dehydration. We always choose cold runners for PVC pipe fitting moulds. PVC will produce chlorine at high temperatures.

The design of the pipe fitting mould is an important step to improve the quality of the pipe fitting mould, including the selection of the pipe fitting mould material, the usability of the pipe fitting mould structure, the processability of the pipe fitting mould parts, and the convenience of the pipe fitting mould maintenance. The design of the pipe fittings should be reasonable, and the best structural scheme should be selected as much as possible. The designer of the pipe fittings must consider the technical requirements and structure of the pipe fittings to meet the technological and feasibility of the pipe mould manufacturing.

The manufacturing process of the pipe fitting mould is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the pipe fitting mould. The processing method and processing accuracy in the pipe fitting mould manufacturing process will also affect the service life of the mould. The accuracy of each part directly affects the overall assembly of the pipe mould. In addition to the influence of the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the processing accuracy of the pipe mould parts by improving the processing method of the parts; If the overall assembly effect of the mould does not meet the requirements, it will have a great impact on the overall quality of the mould. Pipe fitting moulds have many different mould structures. The screws inside this foldable core system unscrew the system, using slides outside the screw. There are many ways to drive the foldable core system-hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, angle pin, guide groove. The core that we have made foldable in minutes is 32 mm in diameter.

Yusheng Mould is China's professional manufacturer of high-standard pipe fitting moulds. Considering the huge investment of customers in the mould, in order to reduce the cost of the mould, we continue to innovate in the mould structure. But the improvement of our mould design is always based on the premise of high-quality pipe moulds. We have the best employees and can provide you with competitive pipe fitting mould prices. We will strictly control every step of mould processing.

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