China PVC pipe fitting mold manufacturer

Published on :2020-02-14

PVC pipe fittings are molded by injection molding machines using PVC pipe fitting molds. The main ingredient of PVC raw material is polyvinyl chloride, which has bright colors, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. PVC is non-toxic, but in order to enhance the performance of PVC pipe fittings, we usually add some toxic auxiliary materials in the manufacturing process. Therefore, PVC pipe fittings do not usually store food and medicines.

The thermal stability of PVC is not very good, it is easy to be thermally decomposed, but the temperature should be at least 170 degrees, and the light will not cause the PVC to decompose. At present, the joints of water delivery systems are made by injection molding of PVC pipe fitting mold. Corrosive gas is released during the PVC molding process. Therefore, in order to resist the corrosion of PVC materials, Yusheng Mould uses anticorrosive steel as the material of the mold, thereby extending the service life of the pipe fitting mold and ensuring the accuracy of the pipe fitting.

As a professional pipe fitting mold manufacturer, Yusheng Mould provides PVC, UPVC, PPH, PPR and other pipe fittings molding solutions. Yusheng Mould has designed a series of PVC pipe fitting molds, including high quality injection molds for irrigation, cable pipes and cold and hot water transportation, as well as CPVC, UPVC fitting mold. Exported around 550 sets PVC pipe fitting molds to America, India, Australia and Europe countries every year. Our services include designing and manufacturing PVC pipe forming lines, providing technical support and complete after-sales systems. We regard customer satisfaction as our biggest goal, so we strive to provide them with high quality fittings and competitive prices.

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