Pipe fitting mould factory

Published on :2020-05-01

Plastic pipe fitting mould is a mould used to produce plastic pipe fittings on an injection moulding machine. This mould is generally formed by processing and grinding special steel.

The quality of a plastic pipe fitting mould is mainly determined by the process of making this pipe fitting mould. At present, there are many plastic pipe fitting mould factories, and the mould steel used is also different, but a professional manufacturer of plastic pipe fitting moulds can better understand how to make plastic pipe fitting moulds that customers love.

Manufacture of plastic pipe fitting moulds requires not only a good manufacturing process but also a perfect mould structure. The structure design of the mould is very important for a pair of moulds. The real pipe fitting mould factory is summed up from years of production experience.

We strongly recommend the use of 718H, 3cr13, NAK80, S136, etc. for the core, cavity and slider. Such a mould can be made at least 700,000-1 million mould times. If the core, cavity and slider are P20, 2738, 2316, then the product can be printed 500,000 times.

For customers, the shorter the time to make moulds, the better their production. Different mould manufacturers use different time to manufacture a pair of pipe moulds of the same quality. Some people think that the longer the cycle may be, the finer the workmanship, the better the quality. In fact, this is wrong, because they are not professional, so they need a longer time to manufacture. But it is not the shorter the better, because this complete set of mould manufacturing process takes time. The normal time for a professional mould manufacturer to manufacture a pair of pipe fitting moulds is 50 days, but the minimum time cannot be less than 35 days and the longest time should not exceed 65 days.

As a professional China pipe fitting mould factory, we have continuously summarized and explored in many years of production experience, and now have a complete set of pipe fitting mould design concepts and manufacturing processes. Every detail in the design is made after careful analysis and certification. Yusheng has always insisted on making the most professional things and providing customers with the most worry-free service.

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