Pipe fitting mold manufacturer

Published on :2020-03-20

Pipe fitting mold is a key project of Yusheng Mould Co., Ltd., and has rich experience in various pipe fitting molds such as tee, cross, coupling, etc.

There are many types of pipe fittings on the market, the materials are PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PE, PPR and PP. Usually PP pipe fittings are used for water, while PVC pipe fittings are used for dehydration. For PVC pipe fitting molds, we always choose cold runners. PVC will generate chlorine when the temperature is high. For different shapes of pipe fittings, we will use different gates; for diameters over 110 mm, we often use direct edge gates. If the diameter is small, the latent gate is a better choice and so on.

Yusheng can provide all relevant technical support, provide you with a complete equipment production line, equip you with pipe fittings to produce corresponding auxiliary machines, and provide technical training and support. Yusheng has the highest quality team and can provide you with the best quality molds and the cheapest pipe fitting mold price. The team includes sales department, pricing department, project management department, design department, mold department, assembly department, quality control department, etc. We will strictly control every step of mold processing.

If you are interested in pipe fitting molds, please call us.

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