Pipe fitting mold expert

Published on :2020-04-17

Pipe fitting mold manufacturers can provide you with high-quality pipe fitting mold, including PVC pipe fitting molds, PPR pipe fitting molds, PP sewage pipe fitting molds, etc. The pipe fitting molds we produce for customers are: elbow, Tee, Socket, Reducer, Bridge Bend, etc. The size of the products for manufacturing the molds varies from 12mm to 1000mm.

Yusheng Mould is a well-known pipe fitting mold manufacturer in China, providing plastic molds used in various industries. About 85 people focus on the research and development and manufacture of pipe fitting molds and pipe fittings. The pipe fitting molds currently in production include PVC, PPR, PP, PE, U-PVC pipe fitting molds, etc.

PPR pipe fittings can be widely used in water supply and drainage, urban gas, power pipelines, fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation, etc. Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cement pipes and other pipes, PPR pipes have the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and long service life. The pipe fittings produced by PVC pipe fittings have good corrosion resistance, tensile and compression resistance, and the price is cheaper than plastic pipes of other materials, but they are brittle at low temperatures. Therefore, PVC pipe fittings are mainly suitable for pipes for water supply and drainage, and air supply and exhaust. PE pipe fittings have the characteristics of lightweight, corrosion resistance, and non-toxic. PE pipe fittings are suitable for industrial and civil residences. They are often used as drinking water pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, industrial corrosion-resistant pipes, transport liquids, gases, edible media, etc., and can also be used as medical hoses.

Yusheng is keen to solve the injection molding problems and reduce costs for customers, and continuously optimizes and innovates in the pipe mold structure and injection scheme. At the same time, we can provide customers with perfect injection solutions and construction of pipe production lines. For details of machinery and equipment, you can send us an e-mail to learn more about the forming of PVC pipe fittings.

Yusheng Mould will be your best supplier for choosing PVC pipe fitting mold, PPR pipe fitting mold, PP sewage pipe fitting mold and other equipment.