PVC pipe fitting mould supplier

Published on :2020-04-03

Are you looking for suppliers of PVC pipe fitting mould, pipe fitting mould, plastic PVC pipe fitting? Then please choose Yusheng Mould! China's well-known PVC pipe fitting mould manufacturers provide high-quality PVC pipe fitting moulds, PVC pipe fitting production equipment, PVC pipe fitting moulding solutions, etc. Pipe fittings are divided into straight-through, three-way, four-way and so on. A good set of PVC pipe fittings requires a good assembly size, a high-finish surface, and has no burrs. All these need a set of high-precision processing equipment and an experienced mould engineer to complete. Yusheng Mould has 20 years of plastic fitting mould manufacturing experience and many mould engineers with 15 years of experience in pipe fitting mould work. We pay attention to the selection of steel materials for the mould, the control of the processing process, and the assembly process of the pipe mould. The steel material of PVC pipe fitting mould is generally 2738 or equivalent steel material, and it is better if it is a stainless steel material. Pipe fitting moulds are all ejection methods of oil cylinder core pulling. Yusheng Mould pays attention to the design structure and processing accuracy of the mould. Each processed part will undergo three-coordinate inspection to keep the size of the part in order to achieve a qualified assembly effect.

  • Product name: PVC pipe fitting mould
  • Origin: Taizhou Huangyan
  • Manufacturer: Yusheng Mould
  • Steel: S45C, P20, 718H, 2738, 738H, NAK80, SKD61, etc.
  • Formwork: LKM or Self-made.
  • Hot runner: Anole, YUDO, HASCO, M-H-R, etc.
  • Mould accessories: HASCO, DME, PUNCH, etc.
  • Design software: Autocad, UG, Catia, Solidworks ...
  • Optimize the design of circulating water, improve production efficiency and reduce your costs.

Please contact us! We will provide you with the perfect PVC pipe fitting mould solution. With advanced processing equipment and perfect management team, Yusheng Mould will be your best supplier of PVC pipe fitting moulds and manufacturers of PVC pipe fitting moulds.

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