Everything about injection pipe fitting mold

Published on :2020-03-06

Yusheng Mould is professional pipe fitting mold maker at mold design, development, producing and providing various high quality pipe fitting mould solution. Pipe fitting is a component used to connect pipes. Yusheng do all kinds of different size and shapes pipe fitting for various industries, such as coupling, Tee, Wye, double Wye, reducer, 45 ~90 degree elbow, cross, end-cap, accessories connectors, bushings, etc. In addition, Yusheng produces customized pipe fitting molds for customers according to strict standard, and exporting to more than 30 countries,for example the United States,England Germany,Australia,Japan,etc.

Pipe fitting injection molding

Pipe fitting injection molding has become the most commonly used method for manufacturing pipe fittings with high accuracy, stable dimensions, good surface quality, and low cost.

Pipe fitting mold

The mold is at the heart of the molding process and is responsible for transforming the molten polymer into pipe fittings of the desired shape and size. Mold steel is usually processed by modern technological means such as CNC machining and electrical discharge machining to improve the hardness and surface smoothness, so as to ensure the wear resistance and high precision of pipe fitting mold. The mold can contain many cavities according to the actual pipe fitting production requirements, making mass production possible. The mold base is used to accommodate the mold cavity, inserts and components. The type of the base depends mainly on the size of the mold and the type of material used. It also includes gates, cooling, ejection, hydraulic, lubrication, etc. as well as high-quality pipe fitting molds with demoulding, collapsible core system, sweeping and sliding core.

Raw material

Injection pipe fitting molds for plastic fittings accept various plastics, such as PVC (UPVC, CPVC), PP, PE (HDPE), PPH ...

Pipe fitting molding process

The basic steps in the production of pipe fittings are to heat, melt, mix and cool the materials into pipe shapes of specific shapes and sizes. The two main processes for manufacturing pipe fittings are pipe extrusion and injection molding of pipe fittings.

Step 1: Mix and formulate the raw material compounds according to the use environment of the pipe fittings and color requirements. It can then be fed directly or in the form of pre-treated pellets or mixtures into an extruder or forming machine.

Step 2: extruding the mixed raw material compound into the mold. The extruder is basically a complex device. It is a zoned, temperature-controllable barrel in which a precision screw rotates. The heat, pressure, and shear force experienced by the material largely depend on the screw speed, barrel temperature, and screw design.

Step 3: Cooling. The raw materials leave the extrusion die and enter the mold cavity to be cooled by a circulating water cooling system. The structural design of the flow channel in the cooling system greatly affects the molding cycle and product accuracy of the pipe fittings.

step 4: After ejection, it is processed into high-quality pipe fittings by manual or machine. Yusheng mold's precise pipe fitting molding technology will help you greatly save the cost of subsequent processing.

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